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Our Moto: 'Results that move you'

The Property One Bayside philosophy is to aim to obtain the right sale. The careful attention we place to ensuring that both buyers and sellers are getting what they need, is the fundamental reason why we can proudly say that our retention of repeat customers is significant.

Needs Analysis

In order for our team to be able to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, we first must understand what it is that you want to achieve and why. We know the importance of obtaining an insight into the drivers behind the activity that you are about to embark upon. It is important to us that there is an absolute alignment in understanding how your decisions are to be weighted under your current circumstances and to know what you need from us to best support you along the way. This is a critical key input that compliments the way we like to work with you.

Market Pulse

Once satisfied that we have understood all the parameters around the reasons driving our client to buy / sell / or rent and the desired result, we assess this against what is happening in the property market. If we know your weight of importance on the items you have on your wish list of ideal outcomes, then we can investigate how best to kick off the campaign to achieve this under the current climate. We here at Property One Bayside understand that in such a competitive sector as property, you have to be innovative and hold a solid strategic advantage in the way the activity is approached.

Please Note: There are times when what clients want or need is not aligned to the demands or serviceability of the current market. A revisit to what items are on your list would be warranted. In this circumstance, options would be presented to guide you on your decision of what may be the best way forward.

Strategic Alignment

When all the considerations have been factored in, then its full steam ahead for the campaign to begin. Our team will always keep their clients informed about what is happening along the way. We will manage the rest in a seamless fashion. The only ask we have is the commitment toward quick turn arounds on any questions raised and where applicable ensure that the asset that is being presented is always in a state of cleanliness so that it is ready to be inspected.

Meet The Team

The Property One Bayside team are all self managed industry professionals who have built a reputation for not only being charming, but also for their truly genuine dedication to ensuring that their clients are fully supported through out the process.

We work with you every step of the way.

Property One Bayside

Sherrie Lee - Founder & Director

Sherrie is consistently one of the top-producing agents in the bayside area and specializes in residential real estate and investment properties. She is a highly accomplished agent who brings a strategic, yet personable approach to the home selling and buying process. Drawing from decades of experience, Sherrie has built a reputation for her refreshingly friendly customer care and proven ability to guide buyers to find and obtain their dream home. She prides herself on making sure that the transition from seller to buyer is a smooth, stress free experience. Her genuine passion of all things real estate has allowed for her to keep her finger on the pulse of an ever changing landscape and provides her an edge that she brings the clients that she represents.


Property One Bayside

Kieren Lee - Auctioneer & Licensed Real Estate Agent

Kieren is known for his attention to detail and complete dedication toward helping owners get the most value from their engagement with him, whether it be catering to the needs of a buyer who is looking for a place to call home or a seller that is embarking on a path toward change. His charismatic personality shines through as does his contagious laughter.  Kieren is an advocate for the importance of communication and establishing an understanding of his client’s requirements so that it can be manifested into their desired results.


Property One Bayside
A career as a real estate professional can be rewarding and exciting for individuals who are driven by being an entrepreneur. 

We are always on the look out for self motivated, self managed sales people who are as obsessed with real estate as we are. The well established team of professionals working at Property One Bayside understand that it is far more than a job that starts with a listing and finishes with a sale.

Our clients rely on us to help them through a transitional period within their lives. The range of reasons that place customers on the market to either buy, rent or sell is an important factor that we approach with sensitivity and genuine care. This means that we spend the time it takes to ensure our clients who are first home buyers get the information and support they need. We go out of our way to ensure that those who are going through personal life changing drivers are given a stress free experience. People are allowing us in some small way to be a part of their journey and we see this as a privilege.

Our team environment is built off the back of like minded individuals. We are a family of passionate, dedicated, hardworking, results orientated people, who truly love what they do. Real estate is far more than a solid track record in sales. Everything get's sold eventually. It's the measure of how many clients remember you years after the transaction is done, that is a true testament to achieving job satisfaction and overall success.

If you feel you can relate to who we are and how we work, give us a call.