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Here's what sets us apart

Our team ensure that their approach is personalized to meet the individual priorities of each client. If you don't believe us, take a sneak peek at our vendor and buyer testimonials to see that we are truly customer focussed and aim to provide great results in a professional and pleasant way.
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Property Sales

Our results absolutely speak for themselves. We have a significant customer retention span with clients returning sometimes a decade later to engage us for their next big purchase. We know how important it is for the sale of your property to be executed with expertise, sound advice and a professional approach. There is nothing more satisfying to us, in knowing that you are happy not just with the outcome but the whole end to end process. There is a lot that a vendor is required to do in order to get their asset ready for sale. How you approach the preparation for the property for sale is equal, if not more important than any other aspect of the journey. That's why we take the time to provide you with a detailed insight on the tips and tricks we have acquired across the decades of service in this industry. We are in this together and will be there to guide, encourage and support you, every step of the way.
Property One Bayside
Property One Bayside

Property Management

When it comes to Property Management, our team has two clear objectives. The first is to provide our investors with total peace of mind. When you hand over the responsibility for managing your asset, we work hard to ensure that the property is leased to tenants that are fully vetted and can pass our stringent assessment for consideration. All references are thoroughly checked prior to further consideration. The second objective is to provide the same genuine care for the tenants. We personalized our engagement with each of the tenants to ensure that they feel valued, because to us, they are. A happy tenant is more likely to be eager to maintain the asset and ideally remain at the premises for longer than a disgruntled one. This becomes a win - win for all involved. That's why our property management team place such high importance on building rapport with the tenants and aim to execute regular quality inspections of the property to ensure that it continues to be maintained in excellent condition.