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Renovating Before Sale

There is a need to be mindful of not overcapitalizing a property, especially when it is about to be placed on the market for sale. In essence this means that you need to be aware of what cost is being invested into the renovation vs the estimate of potential value that might be returned. In this article I am specifically targeting home owners who are considering the route of doing a quick renovation to spruce up the property before placing it for sale.

Preparation For Market

First impressions count when it comes to selling a home, so it is critical to do what you can to ensure that your property is as good as it can be, within budget and reason.

There are loads of inexpensive ways to make your home feel like a great contender for prospective buyers.

Renters Guide

We have pulled together some of the items that we feel prospective tenants need to know about renting in Australia. Given that the legislation varies between states this is by no means an exhaustive list, but there is still a lot of useful information to support you through the process.