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With over 25 years experience we have a proven track record in real estate. Contact us for an honest appraisal of the current value of your home or investment. We also do property management for rentals within Victoria for our local

and International clients.

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Property One Bayside has established a reputation of being a

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results orientated company with the Multi Award winning, Director – Sherrie Lee at the helm.

This boutique real estate agency holds a wealth of industry experience in: Property Sales & Marketing, Rental and

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Management Service.

The team have been servicing the Melbourne, Bayside community and beyond for well over 25 years.

At Property One Bayside we make it our business to keep a pulse on what is happening within our domain and work hard to apply our invaluable understanding of the market sector. This is why we believe that we achieve the best results for our customers.

The Property One Bayside philosophy is to aim to obtain the right sale. The careful attention we place to ensuring that both buyers and sellers are getting what they need, is the fundamental reason why we can proudly say that our retention of repeat customers is significant.

Quality Service
Lasting Results

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and quality results that will meet your needs.

Market Watch
Bayside Trends

We love real estate and are always across the market movements to ensure our clients are in the know.

Real Estate
Market Leaders

25 Years of Real Estate experience in both Residential Sales and Property Management.

Our Local Community

Helping nominated quality businesses in the bayside district get promoted through our marketing campaigns.

It is our pleasure to be of service

We want your experience with us to be the reason you want to return.

A great experience! I could not fault Sherrie Lee's professionalism and knowledge of the market. She made the process of selling our house a positive one, providing support in all areas. I highly recommend Sherrie to anyone looking to sell their home. She is the best!
by Seller
I'm writing to express my gratitude in all your efforts in selling my property. The reason I chose Sherrie for the job is because I recalled how tough she negotiated with me years ago when I purchased this property through her. Listing with Sherrie was an easy choice. She delivered a result I was happy with.
by Seller
Sherrie was very professional and genuine through the entire process of our purchase. The after sales support and willingness to help out with any issues with the purchase has been an absolute blessing as we live many kilometers away. Also the communication has been outstanding.
by Buyer
Best agent in the area! We will be forever thankful for the help, guidance and support that Sherrie Lee provided us. She worked so hard to meet our needs and we could not be happier with the outcome. A great agent that you can have complete faith and reliance on. Thanks Sherrie from all the family.
by Buyer
Sherrie was honest, upbeat and realistic when we first met her, and extremely hard working. She built a constructive & positive relationship with our tenant and kept them onside throughout the time taken to sell the house. She was successful in achieving a price that we were happy to accept.
by Seller
Very lovely and knowledgeable. Sherrie has been nothing but lovely through the whole process and made it very easy for me as a 1st home buyer. Sherries local knowledge is second to none and having dealt with other real estate agents in the area, Sherrie is by far the best.
by Buyer
We could not be happier with Sherrie's professional approach to selling our property. Communication was spot on which is extremely pleasing because we live interstate. And I think the fact that both the us as sellers and the buyers were happy with the outcome is a testament to her abilities.
by Seller
Highly recommended agent, personable, professional and everything was done in a timely manner. All that was required from us was to sign documents. The process was made very easy and if we were to purchase another property we will be definitely contacting Sherrie Lee.
by Buyer
Please accept our appreciation for your very professional and friendly service. It is always difficult with dealing with the passing of your mother. Your consideration and timely handling of the sale has been very helpful to the healing process. You have exceeded our expectations.
by Buyer

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Whether you are selling your home or wanting to have a property managed by a real estate company that cares. The team at Property One Bayside are here to help.

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